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Tesla’s Bladeless Turbine: The Road to Innovation in Turbine Sector

The bladeless turbine is a turbine with a minimalist structure and extremely high efficiency. It was invented by American inventor Nikola Tesla. Compared with traditional turbines, bladeless turbines can avoid wasted work losses in the fluid and various flow losses in the turbine rim, thereby achieving higher turbine efficiency. Its turbine efficiency is said to reach an astonishing 97%. However, although this invention has a history of more than 110 years, it still has not become practical. This article will introduce the development history of bladeless turbines from many aspects such as the turbine’s working principle, innovative working principle, and application.

1. Working principle of turbine

Turbine is a mechanical device that converts high-temperature and high-pressure gas energy into mechanical energy. It is widely used in aerospace engines, generators, petrochemical and other fields. The working principle of the turbine is to rely on high-temperature gas to impact the turbine blades, push them to rotate, and output power to the outside world. In terms of working principle, it is difficult for the turbine to avoid various flow losses, and the turbine efficiency is about 85%.

2. Working principle of innovation

The bladeless turbine is a kind of turbine that can avoid wasted work loss of the fluid by reducing the distance between the discs so that the distance is less than the thickness of the boundary layer; by reducing the thickness of the disc, various flow losses at the disc rim can be reduced. The combined effect of the two results in a turbine with higher turbine efficiency. The turbine efficiency of the bladeless turbine can reach an astonishing 97%.

If the turbine has higher operating efficiency, the gas temperature in front of the turbine can be reduced under the same output power, thereby reducing the material and process requirements for the turbine rotor. In other words, at a lower gas temperature in front of the turbine, the turbine rotor can output greater power, thus reducing the requirements for turbine materials and processes. This is the appeal of bladeless turbines.

To make the bladeless turbine practical, it is necessary to have a larger turbine output power sufficient to meet actual needs, which requires larger inlet airflow velocity, higher rotor speed, larger rotor diameter and more discs quantity. Analysis shows that to meet the above power requirements, the turbine rotor speed may be close to 50,000 rpm and the disc diameter is more than 3 meters, which puts forward new requirements for materials and processes from another dimension.

It can be expected that as long as the direction and requirements are clear, technological breakthroughs will always be achieved sooner or later. Therefore, it is only a matter of time before bladeless turbines become practical. Of course, if new breakthroughs can be made in the working principle of turbines and turbines with simpler structures and higher efficiency are found, then aeroengines will surely usher in a new and broader development world.

In short, the bladeless turbine is an important innovation in the field of turbines. It has the advantages of high efficiency, simple structure, and strong adaptability to the working environment, and has great application prospects. With the advancement of technology and continuous improvement of materials, the application prospects of bladeless turbines will be broader.

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Post time: Dec-15-2023